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We are still developing our new site so please bear with us if you cannot locate what you need. If you are having problems please call us on 01254 830343 so we can help!

Newford Parts Centre

Welcome to Newford
Having trouble finding that elusive part? Let us try and help.
Newford Parts Centre has over fifty years experience in the motor trade and is the largest supplier of Genuine Obsolete European Ford Parts in the world. Because of our experience and contacts, we are usually able to find the parts that you may have had difficulty obtaining. I.E. If we don't have it, we can usually find it! Although sometimes we may not be able to find a new part immediately because of its scarcity, in which case we may be able to have the parts made for you! Our stock ranges from 1950's to the present, and fills out a total of just over 10,000 square feet, with approximately 10 Million Items.
We supply parts for Ford Capri, Ford Granada, Ford Escort, Ford Cortina, Ford Corsair, Ford Consul, Zephyr, Zodiac, Ford Transit, Ford Sierra, Ford Mondeo, Ford KA, Ford 105E Anglia, Ford 100E, Ford Prefect/E93a,Ford Consul/Classic/Capri,Ford Couger, Ford Puma.

  We can supply parts for any European Ford models including commercial vehicles.
  We stock body panels, electrics, steering, suspension, gearbox's and engine parts.
  We also offer engine, gearbox, steering box and steering ball joint reconditioning.

Newford does not have a comprehensive price list. This is due to the obvious reason that with the amount of stock we have, coupled with the fact that stock fluctuates from day to day, means that it would be impossible to list every item! We do, however have lists of fast moving items such as spark plugs, filters, pumps etc. These are available by 'phoning us and giving us the model of the car that you have.