John Horridge

John Horridge entered the obsolete Ford parts business by mistake. Already in the parts trade after a period with the family calico printing business, he bought a job-lot of Ford bits - 30 tons, no less from a Ford dealership. Then he discovered on delivery that they were non-current, so he decided to go into the obsolete Ford spares business. He was pleased anyway that they were Ford parts because he already considered that Fords were the best mass produced car on the market. Prior to all this, John had enjoyed a successful motor racing career, starting with a 2-litre GP Bugatti in 1952 and continuing the next season with a Rochdale 'Jehu' (see main photo), a car based on the I.5 litre Riley. John then progressed to a Lister Bristol (the sports racing car to have in those days) for 1954 and 1955 with success at Montlhery, Chaterhall and Oulton, after which he changed allegiance to Lotus. His best result was probably winning the 1100cc class in the 1959 1000 km race at the Nurburgring (especially as he discharged himself from hospital against doctor's orders after breaking his neck in an accident at Goodwood ten days earlier!). After retiring from the sport in 1960 he began a business manufacturing exhaust pipes for the racing trade. This progressed to the purchasing of a consignment of Ford parts and rest is history! The business was registered as a company in March 1974 and it has continued to increase its stock since then. By the summer of 1977, Newford had grown to such an extent that we were having to store parts in a nearby field as we didn't have the space! In June 1978 we moved to an old cotton mill in Abbey Village, where we are today. Unfortunately, John died in March 1987, but the business is still run by his son Nick, who has continued to help customers find the parts that they can't find anywhere else. We now, currently, have over 10,000 square feet of new parts on the shelf and we are now starting to get to the stage that we were back in 1977!

This is my Fathers' 1955 Lister Bristol Equrie Bullfrog which was sold by A&A Auctions in Buxton in 2008. Bought by magnate Stephen Bond, and restored at a cost of over £600,000. This car was raced at home and abroad by my Dad and his pal Graham Hill, including a win at the 1959 Nurburgring with John Campbell-Jones. This is me sitting in the car next to Anthony Taylor who loaned and raced the car in the early 1960's.

The Listers first outing was at the Silverstone Classic in July 2010. Here is the car, driven my it's new owner Stephen Bond.